​​​​​​Zinser Dental Lab


Full Contour Zirconia is the fastest-growing trend in dental technology. Over 90% of our clients have made the switch from PFM crowns. We do not outsource any of our crowns, we design and mill our zirconia in our Colorado dental lab.  The fit and margins are exceptional, they block out dark underlying tooth structure and our full-contour zirconia (FCZ) crowns exhibit incredible flexural strength and life-like aesthetics.

Because FCZ crowns don’t require porcelain application, your patients will be fitted with a virtually fracture and chip proof restoration, and with the high flexural strength of our FCZ crowns, this restoration is an ideal solution for your patients.

Porcelain fused to zirconia gives you the strength of zirconia with the translucency and vitality of a natural tooth. We specialize in Full Contour Zirconia and proudly use the highest quality zirconia available for strong, natural-looking restorations. We are committed to providing the highest quality crowns that your patients deserve.